A Yoga Instructor who does Virtual Assisting

Media Marketing:

using various media platforms to market the products, lifestyle, or social events of the client, research marketing strategies, and marketing analytics.

Social Media Management:

managing social media platforms with posts, comments, message responses, FB groups moderation, friend request and inbox upkeep.

Website Design/Redesign/Webmastery:

designing, redesigning, and/or maintaining websites for clients using SEO.


Sites Created:

The Kundalini Witch

Transfor{M}ama Work & Play Studio

Shamama Music by Lori Banks


Sites Edited and Maintained:

Artist Regina Wamba


Ganja Yoga by Dee Dussault

Email Campaigns & Sequencing:

setting up email sequences, utilizing emails to sell products and promote the business/services of the client, managing newsletter subscribers, and creating newsletter content and copy.

Graphic Design:

using photoshop or canva to make graphics for online posts, IG stories, event flyers, business cards, logos, and marketing or promotional items in every size.



Video Editing:

adobe premiere rush fluent for editing videos for public platforms like social media or youtube. 

Virtual Event Management:

managing online events, hosting social live talks, and editing or updating online info for public/in-person events. 

Online Course Management:

sales, marketing, and interest building before launch, student care services,  updates to students via email, setting up affiliate programs, and managing course content.  

Product Research:

researching complex information on products and services related to the clients line of work or services. 

Customer Service and Retention:

help with customer service tasks in a friendly and timely manner, providing excellent customer service for each and every client.




Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

10am - 2pm

The Kundalini Witch


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