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What defines a witch you may ask....

This has as many interpretations as there are people who ask that question. And I feel like a witch can really only define themselves. 

On the surface a person who identifies as a witch is usually into some kind of energy work. Witchcraft or Healing Arts. We light candles to illuminate not just our surroundings but our souls as well. We use earth crystals to feel the vibrations of our planet in the palm of our hands. We use our breath to bring fresh oxygen and life force into our bodies, and we use the cleansing property of the water in each tear to release anything no longer in alignment with the life we want to live.


We connect to Mama Gaia, the Sun, and the Moon. We honor the energies of the entire universe. We use the guidance and messages from ancestors, guides, deities, angels, past gurus, and our highest selves to channel the wisdom of the unknown.


We practice all of this by following our intuition and performing sacred rituals that help us connect to our body, mind, and spirits in order to channel those messages, to make sacrifices to those giving guidance, and to give gratitude for all the good in our lives. 

Understanding ourselves, our chemical make-up,and tuning-in to our spiritual and energetic bodies are the first baby-steps to embracing the witchy side of everything around us. 


Really it's about being connected to the Divine, whatever that may look like for you. Tuning-in to the wisdom within, the knowledge that has been passed down for generations, embracing our weird side and the unique-ness within. 


The main goal of The Kundalini Witch is to make all witches feel welcome in their skin. To see the look of enjoyment on their faces when they can finally let go of what society says they should look like and let their witch flag fly. Creating a community of like-minded, metaphysical people who are longing for a place to belong is what it was all started for. 


Being comfortable in our bodies no matter the shape, being comfortable enough to cry in order to release pain together, or just being open to sharing your deepest desires with each other is the most rewarding aspect of starting this journey.  

Please reach out with any questions you may have!